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EURATOM and ABACC: Safeguard Models for a NWFZ in the Middle East?

Nuclear Disarmament and Turkey


Defense Reform in Turkey

Turkey's March toward the EU Creates a Security Gap

Iran and Turkey Since the End of the Cold War

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Nuclear Security and Turkey: Dealing with Nuclear Smuggling

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Is Iran Going Nuclear?

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A Warm Reception: Turkey (Mostly) Embraces Obama's Nuclear Posture

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What Went Wrong with Turkey's "Zero Problem with Neighbors" Policy?

Mr. Trump, Post Nuclear Ban Treaty, NATOs Nuclear Weapons in Europe are Obsolete

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Cyprus: Turkey's Deterrent Against Greece

Turkish Generals' Discontent with the European Security and Defense Policy

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Turkey's Nuclear Turnaround

The Iranian quagmire: How to move forward; Position: Resuscitate the nuclear swap deal

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Nuclear Weapons: Not Taboo Enough

How Plutonium Undermines the Hibakusha

To abolish nuclear weapons, strip away their handsome mask

Reality: Humanity can't indefinitely avoid using nuclear weapons

Disarmament while the chance remains

Calling for a Reset in Turkish American Relations in the post COVID International Order

Between a Rock and a Hard Place How to Make Sense of Turkeys S400 Choice

Articles in Select Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) Journals

Clashing Interests over Northern Iraq Drives Turkish Israeli Alliance to a Crossroads

Good for the Shah Banned for the Mullahs: The West and Iran's Quest for Nuclear Power

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions from a Historical Perspective and the Attitude of the West

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NATO'nun Balistik Fuze Savunma Sistemi ve Turkiye